Creating your first marker


This section covers how to create your first marker with WP Go Maps and should be read in conjunction with the subsequent page for Displaying your Map on your WordPress site



The Following Plugin/s need to be installed and active

  • WP Go Maps

Creating your first marker

Once you have completed Creating your first map, or select "edit" on an existing map you will automatically be navigated to the map editor.

From here you can navigate to the Markers page to view, add or edit existing markers

WP Go MAPS -> Maps -> Markers

Marker listing page
Marker listing page

To Add a new marker select the "Add Marker" text near the top of the page or select the + icon and then the marker icon that appears on the map preview

Adding a marker
Adding a marker

For a Basic Marker

On the Marker Editor page:

  • Use theΒ addressΒ field to add a marker.
  • Alternatively,Β right clickΒ on the preview map to manually position your marker.
  • Click and dragΒ to adjust the markers position.
  • Click theΒ Add MarkerΒ button at the bottom of the page to create the marker
For details regarding editing a marker and for an overview of the additional/advanced marker features available in in the Pro Add-on, please see Editing a Marker


Next Steps

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