Adding a Polygon


This section covers how to add a Polygon to your map


The Following Plugin/s need to be installed and active

  • WP Go Maps
  • WP Go Maps Pro Add-on (optional, but required to edit Title, Description, Link and layer options for your Marker)

On the Map editor of the of your selected map, you are able to navigate to the Polygons Tab view, add or edit existing Polygons.

WP Go MAPS -> Maps (efit your chosen map) -> Polygons

To Add a new Polygon, complete the desired Polygon options in the "Add a new Polygon" Section

Adding a new Polygon
Adding a new Polygon
  • Clickย on the map to start drawing your polygon.
  • Add at leastย threeย points
  • Completeย drawing your polygon byย clickingย the start point a second time
Lines can be added to your completed polygon by clicking and dragging the transparent vertices
Lines be removed from you polygon by holding the "alt" key and clicking on the solid vertices between the lines that need to be removed

Polygon Options

Edit the following options as required

Name: Name yourPolygon, this identifies it on the Polygons page where all existing polygons are listed

Title: Use this field to give a descriptive name for your marker. This shows up at the top of your Polygons InfoWindowย when clicked by a user.

Description: Use this to describe your marker in more detail, you can include media in the description

Link: If you would like a link in the markerโ€™sย InfoWindow, insert the full URL here (includingย https://). This URL will allow visitors to open a web page from the markerโ€™sย InfoWindow.

To Open link in a new tab. Please update the appropriate option in the Global InfoWindow Settings:

WP Go MAPS -> Settings -> Info Windows

Line and Fill Colour of the Polygon

Line and Fill Colour of the Polygon when hovering over it

Line thickness: How thick the border line will be

Layer: Entering a value into this textbox will influence how close to the top the Drawing object is displayed in relation to other objects, the greater the number, the closer to the top it is displayed

Saving the Polygon

Select Add Polygon at the bottom of this section, to save your new polygon

Example Polygon and InfoWindow

Polygon and Traditional InfoWindow
Polygon and Traditional InfoWindow
Polygon and Panel Style InfoWindow
Polygon and Panel Style InfoWindow



Updated 23 Jun 2022
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