Adding an image overlay


This section covers how to add an Image Overlay to your map


The Following Plugin/s need to be installed and active

  • WP Go Maps
  • WP Go Maps Pro Add-on

This Feature is only available in the Atlas Novus Build

On the Map editor of the of your selected map, you are able to navigate to the Image Overlay page to view, add or edit existing Overlays.

WP Go MAPS -> Maps (edit your chosen map) -> Image Overlay

To Add a new Overlay select the "Add Overlay" text near the top of the page or select the + icon and then the Overlay icon that appears on the map preview

Adding Overlays
Adding Overlays
  • ClickΒ on the map to set the first corner of your overlay.
  • ClickΒ again to set the other corner and to finish drawing your overlay.
  • UploadΒ an image to be placed within the overlay area.

Image Overlay Options

Edit the following options as required

Name: Name your Overlay, this identifies it on the Image Overlays page where all existing Overlays are listed

Opacity: A value between 0 and 1 for example-> 0.8 would be 80% Opaque

Image: The Image you would like to use as the overlay. This is added from you media library

Note: Overlays are placed on the ground level, which means you can add markers and shapes above them to mark points of interest.

Image Overlay
Image Overlay

Saving the Image Overlay

Select Add Overlayat the bottom right of the page, to save your new Point Label


Updated 23 Jun 2022
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