Change your Map Theme - Theme Presets for OpenLayers


Changing the look and feel of your map is easy with the theme preset options available when using the OpenLayers maps engine



The Following Plugin/s need to be installed and active

  • WP Go Maps

The Following Map engine needs to be enabled

  • OpenLayers

Changing your Theme

To change to your maps theme, please navigate as follows

WP Go MAPS -> Maps (edit your chosen map) -> Settings -> Themes -> Presets

Once on the Theme Presets page, you can hover and scroll through the preset options available in the menu. Clicking on a theme tile will preview that theme on the adjacent map. To enable the selected theme, please select the Save Map Button

Selecting a Theme Preset
Selecting a Theme Preset

For more granular control of your theme, you are able to finetune the theme setting using the Theme Editor -> Edit your Map Theme - Theme Editor for OpenLayers