Customizing your info Window


This article covers customizing the InfoWindow in WP Go Maps.


The Following Plugin/s need to be installed and active

  • WP Go Maps
  • WP Go Maps Pro Add-on

The InfoWindow can be customized in the Global settings area located at:

WP Go Maps -> Settings -> InfoWindows

Style Settings

The Following style options are available for InfoWindows:

  • Default
  • Panel
Default vs Panel InfoWindow style example
Default vs Panel InfoWindow style example

InfoWindow styles are map specific, the Global styles can be overwritten for each individual map by navigating to :

WP Go Maps -> Maps (edit your chosen map) -> Settings

Other Global Settings

The Following items can be also be configured

Open Marker InfoWindows on - this can be set to Open InfoWindows when the marker is clicked or when a user Hovers over the marker

Behaviour - The Following Field Visibility settings can be changed here:

  •  Hide the title field
  • Hide the address field
  •  Hide the category field
  •  Hide the gallery/image field
  •  Hide the description field
  •  Hide the marker fields

The Open Links in new window toggle can also be enabled here

Link text - Here you can set what you would like the link set to be set as, the default is "More Details", this will be changed to whatever text is typed in the input box

Disable InfoWindows - this will prevent InfoWindows opening on all maps

Resize Image: This toggles resizing all images to the sizes you set in the Width and Height Settings below.

  • Default Image Width: Set the default image width in pixels. You can leave this blank and the max Width will be the InfoWindow width.
  • Default Image Height: Set the default image height in pixels. You can leave this blank and the max Height will be the InfoWindow height.
  • Max InfoWindow Width: Set the maximum width (in pixels) for your InfoWindows (the Minimum Width is 200px).

Updated 12 Jul 2022
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