Our base plugin and all add-ons include various WordPress hooks which can be used to alter the existing behaviour of the plugin, extend functionality, or listen for changes to data within our core systems.

For more information about WordPress hooks please review ο»Ώο»ΏPlugin Hooks to learn more about Actions and Filters.

Once you are familiar with how hooks work in WordPress, you can find the hooks available in our plugin below.:

  • ο»ΏFilters
  • ο»ΏActions

If you would like to request changes to existing hooks or have new hooks added, please open an issue on GitHubο»Ώ

Please note we are actively documenting all hooks in our plugins, this means the hooks available here may be incomplete at the moment (2022-06-24), but will be improved and expanded in the coming weeks.


Updated 24 Jun 2022
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