Marker Gallery


This section covers the use of the marker gallery for your Markers

Marker Galleries allow multiple pictures to be added per marker.

Your gallery will be presented in both the InfoWindows and Marker Listing list items. Markers with more than one item in the gallery use a carousel (or slider) to present multiple images to the user.

Our new Marker Gallery also features a lightbox, allowing the end user to see the full sized image.

You can see a demo of this featureΒ here.


The Following Plugin/s need to be installed and active

  • WP Go Maps
  • WP Go Maps Pro Add-on

Creating a Gallery

To create a marker gallery, simply navigate to the marker as follows:

WP Go Maps -> Maps (edit your chosen map)

and select the edit button (in the action menu) of the desired marker in the "edit existing markers" table. Scroll to the Gallery Section of the marker editor and select the camera icon to start adding pictures

Gallery section in the marker editor
Gallery section in the marker editor

To remove items from the gallery, use the delete button on the gallery item you wish to remove.

Remove images from the marker gallery
Remove images from the marker gallery


Updated 21 Jul 2022
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