Using KML/KMZ and GeoRSS files



This article coversΒ Using KML/KMZ and GeoRSS filesΒ with theΒ WP Go Maps Pro Addon.Β 



The Following Plugins need to be installed and active

  • WP Go Maps
  • WP Go Maps Pro Addon

Displaying KML files on your map

You can easily useΒ KML filesΒ withΒ WP Go Maps Pro:

  • Upload your KML files to a location on a live webserver.
  • KML files will not work with a local server such as LAMP/WAMP/MAMP.
  • Log into your webserver using FTP or SSH (or use the cpanel file manager)
  • Upload the file to a location under the public HTML area of your web server.
  • On Linux/Apache installations, this will normally be calledΒ public_html.

For this tutorial, we created a folder called KML in the wp-content folder.

Uploading kml file to webserver
Uploading kml file to webserver
  • Once you’ve uploaded your KML file, please navigate to:

WP GO Maps -> Maps (edit your chosen map) -> Advanced Settings


  • Scroll down until you see the KML/GeoRSS URL setting.
  • Type the full URL to your KML file.
  • Remember to save the Map.
Enter full URL to the KML file in the text box
Enter full URL to the KML file in the text box


Updated 15 Jul 2022
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