How to allow visitors to create markers


You can allow visitors to create markers on your maps if you have purchased both theΒ Visitor Generated MarkersΒ andΒ ProΒ Add-ons


The Following Plugins need to be installed and active

  • WP Go Maps
  • WP Go Maps Pro Add-on
  • Visitor Generated Markers

Enabling Visitor Generated Markers on your Map

The Visitor Generated Markers (VGM) feature can be enabled for your map by navigating as follows, and enabling the "Allow Submissions" option:

WP Go Maps -> Maps (edit your chosen map) -> VGM

Enabling VGM
Enabling VGM

Once enabled the form is displayed on the front end as follows:

Visitor Marker submision form on the front end
Visitor Marker submision form on the front end

Visitor Generated Marker Settings:

The following settings can be configured for the add-on:

VGM Settings
VGM Settings

Allow Submissions

This enables or disables the VGM feature for the map

Allowed Users

SelectΒ EveryoneΒ from this dropdown if you want public visitors to add markers orΒ Registered usersΒ if you only want your registered WordPress Users to have this capability.

Note: The submission form will not be visible on the front end at all to non-registered users when this is set to "Registered"

Allow Descriptions

To enable users to capture a Description for the marker, select Yes

Allow Categories

To enable users to select a Category that the marker should belong to, select Yes

Allow Images

To enable users to upload images for their markers, select Yes

Allow Links

To enable users to capture Links/URLs for their markers, select Yes

Allow Focus

Additional VGM Form Customisation

All Form labels and input field placeholder text can be customized according to your preferance. The following label overrides are available:

Form Text overrides
Form Text overrides

Global VGM Settings

Global VGM Settings can be accessed by Navigating to:

WP Go Maps -> Settings -> Visitor Generated Markers

The Following Global settings govern the Visitor Generated Markers feature's behaviour across all instances on your site

Auto Approve

When this is enabled, all new visitor generated markers are automatically approved and will be displayed on the map

Remove HTML

Enabling this will strip all HTML tags in descriptions and titles

Email Notification

When enabled, this will send an email the nominated address whenever a new marker is added

Form Style

This will enable the modern Form Layout, this is feafure is still in beta

GDPR Compliance

This will require consent before user submission is allowed

VGM Global Settings
VGM Global Settings