Adding a Circle


This section covers how to add a Circle to your map


The Following Plugin/s need to be installed and active

  • WP Go Maps
  • WP Go Maps Pro Add-on (optional, but required to edit Description, link, hover and layer settings)

On the Map editor of the of your selected map, you are able to navigate to the Circles page to view, add or edit existing Circles.

WP Go MAPS -> Maps (efit your chosen map) -> Circles

To Add a new Circle, complete the desired Circle options in the "Add a new Circle" Section

Adding a Circle
Adding a Circle
  • ClickΒ on the map to set your circles center.
  • MoveΒ the mouse to adjust your circles radius.
  • ClickΒ a second time to finish drawing your circle.

Circle Options

Edit the following options as required

Name: Name your Circle , this identifies it on the Circles page where all existing Circles are listed

Radius: Increase or decrease the circle radius by adjusting this figure

Fill Colour of the Circle

Note Additional Options are available, including InfoWindows for this shape when using the Altas Novus Build


Document image

Saving the Circle

Select Save Circle at the bottom of this section, to save your new circle


Updated 23 Jun 2022
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