Store Locator

This section covers the Store locator feature on WP Go Maps

A Store Locator will show a map of your locations and let your visitors find the store, business or marker nearest to them, by entering in their address, and selecting a radius/ distance from them.


The Following Plugin/s need to be installed and active

  • WP Go Maps

Enabling the Store Locator

Please navigate as follows and select the "Enable Store Locator" toggle near the top of the page

WP Go Maps -> Maps (edit your chosen map)-> Store Locator

The Store locator has following settings:

Search Area

  • Radial - Allows the user to select a radius from a predefined list, with this option selected, a Default radius can be chosen

The the list of prefined radius options can be configured in the Store locator Global setting located at:

WP Go Maps -> Settings -> Store Locator

  • Auto - The Store locator intelligently detects the zoom level based on the location entered, with this option selected the maximum zoom level can be configured From 1 to 21, with 21 being the maximum zoom)

Restrict to Country: If you want to restrict customer searches to a specific country, select it from the drop-down list.

Show distance in: This can be set to Kilometers or Miles

Store Locator Placement: Above or Below the map

Show distance from search: Search results in the search radius will show their distance from the searched location

Allow Category Selection:  Setting this to Yes allows Customers to search for markers in a specific marker category.

Allow users to use their location as a starting point: Please ensure that Show user’s location is enabled at

WP Go Maps -> Maps (edit your chosen map) -> Advanced Settings -> User Location

Note: Most Browsers only support this functionality if your website has an SSL certificate installed.

Show center point as an icon. Selecting this option with place an icon at the centre point of the area searched. Your own icon can be uploaded or a new icon can be created with the marker (icon) editor

Hide all markers until a search is done: Setting this to Yes will hide all icons on the Map until a Store Locator search is completed.

Query String: This is the label for the Address search field. The default is Zip/Address

Default Address: Enter a Default Address here if desired.

Enable title search: Enabling this feature allows the Customer to search on the Title of the marker as well as the Address.

Title search String: This is the label for the Title search field, if enabled. The default is Title/Description.

Not found message: Message to display if no results were found in the search

Style options

Line Color: Line color of the radius circle added to the map.

Line Opacity: The opacity of the radius line added to the map. This must be a decimal value between .01 (1% opacity) and 1 (100% opacity). The default is 1 (100% opaque).

Fill Color: Fill color of the radius circle added to the map

Fill Opacity: The opacity of the filled radius circle added to the map. This must be a decimal value between .01 (1% opacity) and 1 (100% opacity). The default is 0.5 (50% opaque).

Remember to "Save Map" once you have amended any Store location settings

Updated 23 Jun 2022
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