WooCommerce - Checkout Map


The WPG Maps WooCommerce checkout map feature adds a map to your checkout area, allowing a user to mark their shipping address



The Following Plugins need to be installed and active

  • WP Go Maps
  • WP Go Maps Pro Addon
  • WooCommerce

Enabling the Feature

Enable the Checkout Map toggle at the following location.

WP Go MAPS -> Settings -> WooCommerce -> Enable Checkout Map

Once enabled, select which map should be used as the checkout map and where the map should be placed in the checkout flow. This can be either:

  • After Order
  • After Billing
  • After Shipping

Once the feature has been enabled and the appropriate options selected, please remember to Save Settings.

Enabling the checkout map
Enabling the checkout map


Order Checkout Map

Depending on where in the checkout flow you have selected to display your checkout map, an interactive map will now be displayed to your end users during the checkout process.

Users are able to select a location from the map to be automatically populated in the the address fields. Alternatively, typing in an address will result in the corresponding location being displayed on the map.


Interactive checkout map on checkout page
Interactive checkout map on checkout page

Viewing order locations

The location captured by a user during checkout can be viewed by opening the order editor of the required order from the WooCommerce Orders page

Location displayed on order
Location displayed on order