WooCommerce - Product Location Editor


The WP Go Maps product location editing feature can be used to add location information to each of your products via the WooCommerce Product editor



The Following Plugins need to be installed and active

  • WP Go Maps
  • WP Go Maps Pro Addon
  • WooCommerce

Enabling the Feature

This feature can only be enabled from the within the Atlas Novus Build

Enable the Product Location Editor toggle at the following location, and Save Settings once enabled:

WP Go MAPS -> Settings -> WooCommerce -> Product Location Editor


Adding locations to Products

On the WooCommerce Product Editor scroll down to the Product Location Editor (WP Go Maps). Type in the product location in the Location text box, or select Use my location, or enter the location coordinates by pressing the Advanced button.

You can also right click on the map to place the product location manually and/or drag the marker to the preferred location.

Document image

Displaying Product locations on a map

From within the WP Go Maps plugin open the Map editor of the map you'd like to display the location tagged products on.

Enable WooCommerce products on this map by navigating to:

WP Go Maps -> Maps(edit your desired map) -> Advanced Settings -> Integrations -> WooCommerce Products

Select Save Map once WooCommerce products has been enabled

Your Map will now display product locations for all location tagged products

Document image

Tips and Tricks

In instances where multiple products can be found at the same location (resulting in overlapping markers). Individual products can be identified by enabling the marker listing feature for your map.

Alternatively, our Near Vicinity Markers feature in the Gold add-on can be enabled to display multiple markers that share the same physical location.


Updated 23 Jun 2022
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